Thread Count

The thread count is the top factor in consideration when buying wholesale sheet sets. First, you have to know what different thread counts mean. This information can then be used to project on the end user preference. High thread counts results from thin individual strands. Low thread counts are consistent with larger individual threads that make up the sheet. The number of threads that make up a square inch in any direction inside the sheet’s weave is a standard way of identifying the general texture of the fabric.

Type of Material Used

Before you buy a truckload of sheet sets, it is of value to note the material used during manufacture. Cotton is a favorite material for many users. However, it is prone to wrinkling. You can choose from other materials like silk, satin, or microfiber. The material used will most often also determine the cost per item. You may choose between synthetic and natural products at this point. If you don’t have experience with different types of material, you can inquire from credible sources before you do wholesale buying.


The importance of size in sheets cannot be understated. There are different sizes of beds. The sheets need to fit in the mattress and have a portion tucked. You may be required to buy even larger sheets because they will shrink after the first laundry session. The size becomes crucial in ensuring that the bedroom is well decorated. Some mattress toppers increase the heights of bedding and hence requiring the right sheet type to cover. With the many considerations, it is important that wholesale sheet sets come in different varieties.

Personal Needs

Are you the kind of an individual who can do with one type of sheets? You must get to know your bedroom first before buying a whole set of sheets. If your family has kids, you may need to buy several identical sets of sheets to trade off when they get spills. The personal needs will require an individual to consider the laundering options offered in the sheet types. Unless you afford weekly dry cleaning, you may settle for easy-to-wash sheets.

Pricing and Shipping Options

If you require shipping services, you need to buy from a company like Top Futons. It is much more convenient to acquire goods from a store that can help you deal with customs clearance and other shipping requirements. The price per sheet also matters since it determines the total cost of the purchase. If you plan to buy wholesale goods, you have to identify the primary provider of the products. Intermediaries make goods pricier since they charge other costs.

Environmental Effects

Some chemicals used in making sheet finishes are environmental pollutants. Buying bulk sheets with the potential for adverse environmental effects is not a good idea. While France and Italy have been commended for making the best sheets, every other country offers a spectrum of options. Cotton is an environmentally friendly material used in sheets. However, its downside is that it takes up much water during manufacture. If you are a pro-environment conserver, you may go for light dyed sheets with blended cotton and polyester.