Are you looking for fashionable home microwaves? What about a red microwave that won’t dent your pockets? It is possible especially if you live in this great city of New York. After thorough research and a lot of shopping, we have come up with this list of selected stores that carry furniture at reasonable prices.

ABC Carpet & Home Warehouse Outlet

This ABC outlet lets us ordinary folk buy the designer goods sold at its flagship outlet at affordable prices. Everything from fabulous furniture to mesmerizing carpets is available. The prices are still quite steep, but they do offer a huge chunk of discount from the original price. Their website regularly updates the public warehouse sales where prices can be slashed to up to eighty percent.

Antiquarius Imports Warehouse Outlet

This hidden gem located in a Brooklyn warehouse is one of New York’s treasured shopping secret. The owners of this outlet travel the globe and come back with beautiful relics. They then sell these antiquities at very low prices

Annex Antique Fair & Flea Market

You need to arrive early and use your eyes. People take home antique furniture such as vintage tables or chest of drawers. The flea market offers shoppers incredible deals on furniture and accessories. This discount furniture store has a ready to help workforce on call who will help you transport your items back to your destination.  At a small fee of course.

Beyond the Bosphorus

This discount shop has regular and random discount sales on all products on display. During these few eventful occasions, one can get lucky as their prices go as low as 50 percent off for pillows and rugs. The store also offers carpet cleaning services.

City Knickerbocker

The city Knickerbocker is one of New York’s oldest discount furniture store. It has been open since 1906 and is set up in Hell’s Kitchen. This discount furniture store specializes in table lamps, ceiling fixtures, and floor lamps at reasonable prices.

Jennifer Convertibles

This is one of the most popular discount furniture stores in New York. The discount furniture store is famous for selling sofa beds at very reasonable prices. If you are a new homeowner pass by their outlet and you could get lucky and get a dual recliner sofa on offer. The discount furniture store also stocks living room tables and a wide range of lamps.

Lighting & Beyond

When you visit this discount furniture store, expect to find the perfect lamp for your bedroom or dining area. The discount furniture store has a wide range of both modern and classic steel floor lamps and table lamps as well. You are sure to find well preserved and classic fixtures suitable for all price ranges and tastes. The store also has a friendly and ready to help staff.

Salvation Army

No doubt the best discount furniture store for any furniture shopping. Their products are inexpensive and in pretty good conditions when all factors are considered. Sitting furniture, beds, dressing tables, and wall units are available. The store sells these furniture pieces after people donate them.